Wallace & Associates, Inc

Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment
Established: March 26, 1976


Food Grade - USDA
Bio Degradable - EPA
Preferred Purchasing Program - USDA, EPA, NIST, ISU Conforms to: P4P, H1, 21 CFR, HACCP, CARVER Shock Risk Management

Raw Materials Supplied:

BASE OILS: White Mineral Oils, PAO, POE, Vegetable Seed Oils, Silicones, Halocarbons, Polychlorotrifluoroethtlene.
ADDITIVE PACKAGES + COMPONENTS: Afton, OMG, Miracema-Nuodex, Functional and others.

Plants and Facilities Avail:

ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001; ISO 22000 ; FDA and ISO 21469 Certified facilities where appropriate. Kosher/Parve, Halal.

Lubrication Equipment:

Oil Room - Design/Build/Equip
Storage - Tanks, Pumps and Valves
Dispensing - Pumps, Guns and Controls
Calibrating - Grease Guns with dispensed amount, pressure guard and serial numbers

Lubrication Services:

Lube Survey - Benchmarking Energy and Lube costs. Machine tagging or labeling.
CMMS - Software applications
IR, Vibration and Energy Audits
Used Oil Analysis and Interpretation, Pre-Audit and Audit Training.