Wallace & Associates, Inc

Lubricants and Lubrication Equipment
Established: March 26, 1976


Are manufactured from base stocks of White Mineral Oil, PAO, PAG, Triglycerides (Vegetable Oils) and synthetic esters. Additives are blended from components and packages to make finished lubricants. All lubricants are made under GMP and compliant with all applicable regulations in modern facilities.

Lubrication Equipment:

Is selected during a site-specific survey of all machinery, existing lubricants and equipment. An oil room design is recommended and if approved can be built by our engineering staff.

Lubricant Services:

Include equipment tagging or labeling, wall charts, and scheduling. Grease gun color-coding, calibration and serial numbering are included in each survey. Services also include Used Oil Analysis with direct reporting. Standard surveys are produced in excel and access formats and updated as equipment changes. An annual audit is scheduled to preceed your internal annual audit. CMMS software and data entry is available at additional charge.

Company Founders:

Douglas A. Wallace - Lubricant Formulator
Dr. Arthur Akers PE - ISU Professor, Retired
James E. Davis - Synthetic Lube Chemist
Tom Schorn - Engineering, millwright
Associates - There are currently over 400 individuals and companies associated with Wallace & Associates, Inc. to bring the newest technology to your PM Program. This includes base oil manufacturers, additive components and package manufacturers, blenders and R & D labs.

All lubrication Equipment, Services, and Training are site- specific. Training is done on site by certified trainers. Pre/Post testing and handouts grade the training process, add to the PM library, and meet current regulations. Machine labels or tags, basic training, and hands on practical training match the HACCP and all other current requirements including the new Risk Audits from CARVER-shock.

Company Locations:

East Coast, Chicago, South Dakota, Texas, West Coast

Contact Information:

Wallace & Associates, Inc.
BioBlend Lubricants
FoodGrade Lubricants
Preventive Maintenance Design Company
Ph: 847-334-2001
Fx: 847-749-1063
404 N Pine St
Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Company Projects:

Weapon fuel system and lubricants designed for the "Marconi" Project [+1000 Hp Engine currently in Military Service] Copper Mining and slag sorting machinery design for CIRUS @ Iowa State University. Paper machine lubricants for Packaging Corp of America, Tama, Iowa plant. Chain lubricant and lubrication system for Union Carbide mining company in Keokuk, Iowa. Failure analysis and new lubricant design in main gear boxes for Equitable Bag Company NYC [Florissant, KY factory] 10 oven international commercial bakery - survey of plant and training for maintenance team [high temperature synthetics] OEM Lubricants: Gear Lube for high horsepower grain handling equipment. Chain oil for high temperature Retort in wet conditions. Lubricants for homogenizers and grinders for a major equipment manufacturer. All lubricants for Major Recreational equipment manufacturing company. Components for High-Temp H1 greases currently available. Additive packages for H1 lubricants currently sold worldwide by major additive company. Invented a patented H1 grease derived from vegetable oil used in Food Processing Machinery.